Proof of Intelligence (PoI): A New Consensus Mechanism

Proof of Intelligence is a new distributed consensus mechanism underlying the TAO Network that leverages the AI potential to become the first blockchain that scales while advancing AI technologies: instead of profit-motivated miner nodes with large-scale computational power in the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism that underpins Bitcoin; or the wealthy nodes with staked assets in Proof of Stake (PoS) like Ethereum 2.0, Proof of Intelligence will reward the people who put their intelligence in the form of their computational resources and data used to train the AI models. The Proof of Intelligence mechanism will focus on community participation via the Merit chain that will leverage the distributed contributions to advance AI technologies.

How PoI Works:

  • Contribution: Participants, or "miners," contribute computational power to train AI models on the network.

  • Validation: The return on these contributions, so to speak, is determined by the caliber of the AI models produced by real training.

  • Reward: Contributors can receive TAO tokens, and the size of the reward is proportional to the tokens’ ‘value’ recognition in this community. This should be a motivating factor for other contributions, as well as for innovation.

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