How the Integrated Bridge Works

The Tao Bridge facilitates the bidirectional transfer of wTAO tokens between the Ethereum blockchain and the Bittensor Network, in turn providing an efficient means for users who want to stake their wTAO with Gradient. Here is a brief overview of how the bridge works.

  • Initiating Transfer: This starts by connecting an Ethereum wallet to the Gradient platform and selecting a desired amount of wTAO to bridge to the TAO Network.

  • Locking and Minting: This lockup of the chosen wTAO amount is encoded in a contract on Ethereum, and an equivalent amount of TAO is unlocked on the TAO Network, ready for staking or other use.

  • Staking on the TAO Network: Users can then stake their newly received TAO with Gradient’s validator on the TAO Network, at which point they can join in on network consensus and earn staking rewards.

  • Bridging Back to Ethereum: Assets can be bridged back to Ethereum through the same process and receive wTAO at any time after they are staked.

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