How to Use This GitBook

The GitBook has been arranged to guide users from beginner to expert. Each chapter builds upon itself, and introduces new components of Gradient and its ecosystem, so that with each step your core knowledge of DeFi, Tao, and Liquid Staking can deepen. For beginners, we suggest following the chapters in order starting with the first, while more seasoned industry veterans can select the chapters they need to reach their goals or problems that they want to learn more about.

  • For beginners: Chapters 1-3 is your starting point, covering liquid staked assets, the TAO Network, and a deep dive into the Gradient protocol.

  • Advanced Users: Chapters 4 to 6 are for you; they dive into the technical architecture, the design of the Tao Bridge and how you can participate in the ecosystem.

  • Techies and more advanced users: skip to Chapter 7 and onwards for additional deep dives into governance, security, the future roadmap and developer resources.

In this GitBook, among many other examples, you’ll see a couple of practical examples, get walked through a couple of tutorials, and discover more resources to help bring your talent to life within Gradient. We’ll call this journey the Gradient protocol adventure – brave explorers of liquid staking and the uncharted opportunities of DeFi, welcome aboard.

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