Strengthening the TAO Network Connection

Decentralized Governance Expansion: After this next phase, Gradient will again further decentralize its governance structures. Overall, GDT token-holders will have considerable influence in the directions and characteristics of the protocol (including its operation on the TAO Network), particularly for certain changes that require agreement from and voting among its token pool.

Security Enhancements: Security is crucial to the TAO Network, and it’s something that Gradient will continue to improve upon. That’s why it constitutes a major ongoing focus: Gradient conducts regular audits, rolling out various current and leading-edge security mechanisms, and actively develops proprietary security technologies unique to its architecture.

Community and Developer Engagement: To strengthen its community engagement, Gradient will dedicate more resources to encourage developers to build on the TAO Network – through developer grants, hackathons and extensive documentation and support around building DeFi-specific on TAO.

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