Layer 3: User Interface and Interaction

Layer 3, which is the User Interface Layer, provides a simple user interface to interact with the Gradient protocol; this, in turn, helps the users easily stake on wTAO tokens, view or manage their swTAO holdings, as well as interact with the governance dao to vote for or against other users using the GDT token.

  • Accessibility and Usability: Layer 3 is concerned with as-easy-as-humanly-possible-user-experience– which makes designing a great interface, clear and useful docs, and chatty support for users of different levels of experience with cryptocurrency a top priority.

  • Governance Participation: Using the UI, GDT token holders have the ability to participate in Gradient’s governance, proposing Code changes and Upgrades, voting on Upgrades, and engaging with others. In this layer users become meaningful participants in shaping the protocol.

  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting: A suite of user-facing analytics and reporting tools provide users the capability to track rewards, view real-time statistics and reporting to ensure their Gradient-curated portfolio of staked assets is performing well, and ultimately manage their investments.

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