Staking wTAO with Gradient

Navigating to the Staking Section: You can find the staking interface for Gradient in the portal. You’ll see instructions there for the active staking contracts, including links to view rewards and current pools, and how to stake wTAO.

Staking Your wTAO: Pick a figure of wTAO that you want to stake, and then the protocol will help you prove that you own those wTAO and can perform the staking transaction inside your wallet. When the transaction is confirmed, your wTAO has been staked with Gradient, and you receive an equivalent amount of swTAO – these swTAO are kept inside a ‘staking contract’, since they trace back to your right to claim part of the next graduation distribution.

Managing Your Staking Position: The Gradient platform allows you to track your liquid staking rewards, swap your staked amounts, and engage in other activities in DeFi with your swTAO.

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