Glossary of Terms

  • wTAO (Wrapped TAO): The Ethereum-compatible TAO token, representing units of a token on the blockchain, would enable holders of TAO tokens to partake in DeFi activities on Ethereum.

  • GDT (Gradient Token): The native governance token of the Gradient protocol that has a decision-making role, used to vote for different proposals, collect rewards and participate in the governance of the protocol.

  • swTAO (Staked wTAO): Represents the staked wTAO tokens in the Gradient protocol, enabling users to earn rewards through staking.

  • Liquid Staking: A staking model with a liquid token that users receive in exchange for staking their cryptocurrency, along with the promise of earning additional rewards.

  • TAO Network: A blockchain computer to democratize AI with the TAO token, via a decentralized autonomous organization.

  • Proof of Intelligence (PoI): A consensus mechanism that the TAO Network operates to reward participants for drawing on their computational resources to solve AI and machine learning tasks.

  • Validator: a node in the Gradient protocol who validates transactions, maintains the network’s integrity and takes part in consensus rules.

  • Delegator: Someone who delegates their wTAO to a validator to participate in staking is effectively sharing in the rewards generated by that validator.