Becoming a Validator or Delegator

Gradient’s TAO validators verify transactions, substantiating the overall security of the network, as well as helping to ensure the quality of the blockchain in general. Delegators, on the other hand, help to support the network by depositing their wTAO with validators of their choosing. In this manner, they too participate in the staking process. Each one has a set of obligations, including:

For Validators:

  • Requirements: Learning about the technical and hardware requirements to run a validator node on the Gradient network.

  • Setup Process: Follow detailed instructions on how to set up a validator node with secure infrastructure, including staking wTAO as collateral.

  • Responsibilities: Keep the node running; participate in the network consensus; enforce the rules.

For Delegators:

  • Choosing a Validator: Assess potential validators based on their performance, reliability, and staking rewards.

  • Staking Process: Learn how to delegate wTAO to a validator directly through the Gradient interface.

  • Monitoring and Management: Keep track of staking performance, rewards, and the validator's adherence to protocol standards.

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