Bittensor: A Revolution in AI through Blockchain

The open-source protocol, which powers a decentralized machine learning network, is called Bittensor and it runs on a network called the TAO Network. There, participants are able to collaboratively train machine learning models, with TAO tokens awarded to contributors for the information they provide. This is a profound innovation in AI research and development. Until now, the landscape of AI development and deployment is dominated by Big Tech firms such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft that hold ownership of the dominant AI computing platforms. However, Bittensor has fundamentally changed the paradigm by harnessing the power of blockchains – AI research and development is no longer the sole pursuit of a privileged few – it belongs to the crowd.

Key Components of Bittensor:

  • Decentralization: Bittensor ensures that the development of AI doesn’t only happen behind a few corporate doors, but takes advantage of the talents of anyone who wants to participate, and the diverse perspectives of anyone who wants to participate.

  • Rewarding effort: thanks to the TAO token, contributors can earn real, redeemable monetary rewards for the effort required in training AI models.

  • Openness: An open-source protocol, Bittensor allows developers from all over the world to contribute and innovate, creating a robust ‘ecosystem’ of AI models and applications.

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