The precise technical architecture of Gradient, as shown, is carefully designed to deliver maximum security, efficiency and user experience: By leveraging the security, interoperability, and flexibility of Layer 1 to maximize the potential for both the staked and non-staked tokens, the AI-integration power of Layer 2, and the most intuitive UI/UX of Layer 3, Gradient from the ground up will deliver the next evolution of liquid staking protocols in the following aspects:

  • a) Accelerate the AI journey of TAO-generated creativity to every single market and corner of the world through staking wTAO tokens.

  • b) Leverage the powerful functionalities of TAO Network including Digital IP-as-a-Token, DeFi, Verified Interface Provider, DAO, BEPSM (Business Ecosystem with Shared Mission), etc. to deliver higher fungibility, profitability and value to the L1 rollup ecosystem of Gradient.

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